Why Güdsheet?

Millions of South Africans don't have access to a toilet,
or even toilet paper.

Poor sanitation is the main cause of diarrhoea related diseases that kill hundreds of people every day.

Through your purchases, Güdsheet helps provide Toilets & Toilet Paper to underprivileged schools & crèches in need.

Why toilets & TP? Because they provide dignity, health and an improved quality of life.

We give a sheet. Do you?

For every box of Güdsheet Toilet Paper you buy,
a portion of the proceeds goes towards improving water & sanitation in South Africa.

Help those in need. Buy some Güdsheet.


Box of 48 rolls - R420 (R8.75 per roll)

  • + 500 sheets per roll
  • + 1 Box of 48 gives back 2 rolls to those in need

Box of 48 rolls - R516 (R10.75 per roll)

  • + 350 sheets per roll
  • + Helps build toilets for underprivileged schools in need

Good to know

  • + hand-wrapped in eco-friendly paper to promote hygiene
  • + packed in recycled paper boxes to replace plastic
  • + sold in bulk to minimise our carbon footprint
  • + BPA free. Contains no chlorine, acids, inks, dyes or strange scents
  • + 100% biodegradable - sewer & septic tank safe
  • + Every Güdsheet purchase helps provide toilets & toilet paper to those in need

Güdsheet Stockists

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What makes Güdsheet so good?

Good for the earth

Our rolls are made from 60% sugarcane fibre and 40% FSC approved wood pulp to ensure sustainable afforestation. Each roll is individually hand-wrapped with love, in eco-friendly paper to promote hygiene, and packed in recycled boxes to replace plastic.

Good for you and your loo

We don't use any chlorine, acids, inks, dyes, scents or weird perfumes in our toilet paper. It is bleached using an elemental chlorine free (ECF) process that's good for you and the environment.

Soft, strong and sustainable

Our hybrid blend of sustainable fibres give each sheet its soft feel, and no-nonsense strength you'd expect from a premium TP brand.

Good for business

Switching to Güdsheet toilet paper can contribute toward your company's social responsibility and sustainability goals. It's probably one of the easiest things you can do to help those less fortunate and the environment.

Help preserve our natural resources

Humans flush about 27,000 trees daily. Together we can help protect our environment for future generations through the choices we make every day.

Why should I give a sheet?

Güdsheet toilet paper is designed to be used by everyone. From industry to home users, corporate users, estates, townhouses, game lodges, hotels, big and small businesses, municipalities and government. Together we can solve SA's water & sanitation crisis for good.

Some answers to your good questions

Do you deliver?

Yes we do!

Order 3 boxes or more and we'll deliver for free to all major centres in South Africa.

If you'd like to order 1 or 2 boxes, then you can still enjoy the convenience of having your order delivered to your door for only R160.

Email hello@gudco.co.za for custom rates on bulk orders.

What is the difference between your 1-Ply and 2-Ply toilet paper?

Simply put, our 1-Ply TP consists of a single layer of paper, while our 2-Ply has two layers which makes it twice as absorbent. Both are made from a mix of 60% sugarcane fibre and 40% FSC approved wood pulp to produce a much stronger and softer tissue that's good for you and the environment.

The other big difference is that Güdsheet 2-Ply helps to build Toilets for underprivileged schools & crèches, while the 1-Ply provides Toilet Paper to those in need. So, it doesn't really matter if you prefer 1 or 2 ply TP, as long as you choose Güdsheet TP.

How does Güdsheet compare in strength and softness to other toilet paper brands?

Unlike recycled toilet paper, which can be rough or thin, sugarcane fibres produce a much softer product. And it's strong, too! Our mix of 60% sugarcane fibre and 40% FSC approved wood pulp, produce a much stronger and softer tissue than many virgin toilet paper brands.

Is your sheet Sewer & Septic Tank Safe?

Yes, Güdsheet is 100% biodegradable. Our toilet paper is made from natural fibres which can quickly dissolve back into the earth - making it safe for all disposal systems.

What makes Güdsheet better than the sheet I am currently using?

Most premium toilet paper rolls are produced from old growth trees, also known as virgin toilet paper, or "Badsheet" as we call it. These precious old trees can take up to 30 years to grow, and the sad part is that the softer your TP, the older the tree.

Processing trees into toilet paper consumes so much more water and energy than the minimal processing necessary to turn sugarcane into paper. In fact, Güdsheet uses fewer natural resources with every flush than 100% virgin toilet paper.

We have established The Güdfoundation that remains committed to improving water & sanitation development in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

If you would like to contribute to this cause, consider buying some Güdsheet or making a donation.

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About üs

Güdco is a socially and environmentally conscious company that relies on good quality products that do good for South Africa and its people.

We believe that most people want to help those less fortunate, they just might not have the time or means to do so. Güdco products provide an easy and convenient way for you to help, whilst purchasing a commodity you need.

We check and challenge our suppliers to embrace our principles with regard to theirs. Güdco will continue to partner with like-minded organisations that also focus on being a force of good.


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